About us

Second Owner is a young and flexible reseller in used industrial equipment / machines. Every year many new customers get to know Second Owner, which has resulted in substantial growth. Second Owner is now a well-known reseller in the Netherlands, Europe and even beyond.

With a total over 13,000 m2 in the middle of the Netherlands (Wijchen), Second Owner owns what they sell. A stockholding trading company in various used metalworking machines, woodworking machines and internal transport (forklifts, reach trucks, stackers ...) At Second Owner you are at the right place to buy and sell your used machines. CNC lathes, party machines, conventional grinders, presses, lift trucks - diesel, LPG or electric; There is always a choice.
With clear and transparent agreements it is safe and convenient for buyers and sellers. Second Owner also stands out with its competitive prices. Due to the low margins, the stock circulates quickly. Several new machines come into stock and are put online every week, and in many situations machines are sold before they are in stock. Attractive for the buyer and cost-effective for the Second Owner. Second Owner knows the market and the market knows Second Owner and their way of doing business. Special in offer, especially in its informal contact, especially in the complete package.

Loading on a truck, in a container or even preparing for flight transport, everything is possible. Several regular partners can and will assist with shipping, crane support / loading and disassembly as needed.
Exporting to any part of the world is no problem. Machines are perfectly transported and all necessary documents are arranged; all to your liking!